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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes....

I got rid of the Les Paul Saturday. It's something I wanted to do for some time. I wanted a big bodied, archtop jazz guitar. I've been looking on internet and in stores. So, I went to Fazios, with the full intention of trading the LP for a Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin. I had played it before and was ready to just walk in and do business. But, I wanted to play it just one more time.

I was taken into the "high end" room, so I can plug in and hear it, without the noise of the store. I chose a boutique amp and the Godin sounded good and played nicely. Yep. This is what I wanted. The sales guy left me alone in the room to play a while, by the way. So, there I was, playing and having fun. Doing that, I was checking out all the nice guitars in that room, including some Hofner archtops, which I knew were way out of the price range.

Then, behind me, there was another Hofner archtop. Since it was within reach I pulled it down and plugged it in, "just to see." Sounded great and played better that the Godin. I looked at the price....

I traded the LP in and this came home with me....

hofner 001

Hofner archtop. The color is darker than this, more like the last photo.

hofner 002

Nice pearl inlay on the headstock.

hofner 003

5-ply binding on the front and back of the body. Binding on the neck, headstock AND fretboard.

hofner 004

Nice flame aka "tiger stripes" on the back and sides of the body. Body is maple and top is spruce. Body is certainly laminate at this price point. Top, may or not be.

This is a model that never went into production. Hofner has been making high end archtop guitars for a long time, in Germany (German company). Essentially, they are Europe's Gibson. They are most known for making Paul McCartney's "Beatle" bass. Due to economics, they started looking to Asia for some production. They came out with a thinline series, made in China. Dealers of Hofner guitars, wanted a big bodied jazz guitar in this series. After all, the German ones are very pricey. So, they designed this guitar, based upon the Gibson L-5 and D'Angelico archtops of the 1940's and made around 100 of them in Korea (private luthier, not at the Samick factory), with German woods and electronics. After these were made, Hofner realized that there was no way they could go into production. They were simply too costly to make, even if they were produced in China. Thus, the guitar is a prototype, that never made it to production.

I feel lucky. It's a GREAT guitar. Plays like a dream. One great bonus for me is that it sounds nice unplugged too. It certainly has acoustic guitar qualities as well as it's electric ones. Now, I can go back to alternate tunings, espicially my favorite of dadgad!!!! On the LP, alternate tunings didn't sound too good.

So, I finally have a guitar that's "me." I can play the music I compose in dadgad, play acoustically, and plug it in. The dream/nightmare of being in a band is over, which is a good thing. If I ever play with others, volume levels HAVE to be lower, since the hollow guitar will feedback, as all hollowbodies do. My ears welcome this.

They also welcome the beautiful tone and sounds that resonate from this beauty.


Ok. I haven't posted in a week or so. Not much has gone on. But the stomache flu Amy and Jake had last week (and I should have stayed with them last Wednesday. But, in hindsight, was part of the final decision to switch guitars, due to Wednesday's events), went to Ben AND to me. I'm still recovering from it, feel weak, and still feel like I could hurl. Ben's home from school for the second day now. Jake stayed home twice last week.

I think this is all for now. See ya.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm done

After last nights complete time-waisting fiasco (none of it a "me" thing), which I'm not going to spew out the details of, I have made a decision.

I'm done. I have zero desire to play "out" anymore.

Most likely, I'm going to either find a gypsy jazz guitar, or a jazz archtop, sell my amp and Les Paul and concentrate on having fun with the guitar again. Play for my satisfaction only, not be a slave.

There is a French made gypsy jazz guitar I've been eying. Also, there is a The Loar archtop that is priced in my budget.

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